18 January 2011


Are you fed up with buying expensive 'indestructable' toys that your dog wastes no time in ripping to shreds?  Do you love the idea of 'activity' toys but don't buy them because your dog isn't the type to gently take her time working out how to get the treat out of the carefully designed, labyrinth of chambers?  Do you want a toy that combines your dog's passion for ripping stuff up with simple problem solving that costs just a few pence?  Was that a yes?

Then this is for you ~ the homemade Snack-in-a-Box!

4 January 2011

Does your dog eat poop?

It does?  Then you are not alone.  It's a common behaviour.  Many dogs do it, and in certain contexts it's completely normal.  In some parts of the world, dogs are still used to clean baby's bottoms.  And for the populations of village dogs around the world, a smorgasbord of poop undoubtedly forms a substantial part of their daily diets. 

Poop eating - or 'coprophagia' to give it the correct term - is classed both as a normal behaviour and an abnormal behaviour in dogs depending on type and context.

Firstly, the types of coprophagia: