11 February 2011

Let the fur fly!

If you have more than one dog and they are anything like my two, give them a furry toy and between them it will be ripped apart and de-stuffed within seconds.  Personally I've never cared about the fluffy mess that this creates, but the fun-to-money ratio is way out of balance and there came a point last summer when I was no longer willing to spend my hard-earned cash for just a few, frenzied moments of doggy joy.  So I came up with this - the furry-ragger - which has proved to a be a huge hit with my two.

To make a furry-ragger, you will need:

4 February 2011

Article search and retrieve

The dog’s sense of smell is thought to be around 100,000 times better than our own with an estimated 40 times more brain area devoted to analysing odours.   Scientific studies reveal that dogs can detect chemical solutions at just one to two parts per trillion, and human finger prints that are up to two weeks old.  It’s no wonder that dogs are used to detect explosives, drugs, gas leaks, termites, people, cancer, diabetes, seizures, and even when cows are in oestrus (season/heat).

Article search and retrieve is a great way to put your dog’s extraordinary olfactory ability to good use.  This simple exercise requires the dog to search out hidden articles bearing your own scent and bring them to you.