30 August 2010

Dog agility ~ It's not just a collie thing

What do you picture when you think of dog agility?  Crazy collies racing over hurdles at warp speed, their handlers barking out commands as they try and keep up?  Ever picture a 35kg Labrador doing it?  Cue Beau ...

The hurdles and tyre jump are homemade.  For instructions on how to make simple jumps and hurdles see here ... http://www.agilitybits.co.uk/Equipment/equip_index.html

I used 2"x2" lengths of wood fixed together with screws rather than nails so the hurdles and tyre jump are really sturdy.  The tyre jump is my own design and can be raised and lowered.

The yellow weave poles (which are just visible in the photo below, beyond the tyre jump) I bought, but garden canes with a length of 2" plastic plumbing pipe dropped over them is an in-expensive option.  The tunnel I got lucky with - free with 1500 Zooplus points! 

Both my dogs love doing agility, and as well as keeping them fit, it gets them moving their bodies in different ways and teaches awareness, coordination and balance.  It also teaches them to listen to me and to trust my direction - the foundation of leadership and teamwork.  So whatever size or breed your dog is, have a go - make a couple of easy jumps, stick some garden canes in the ground for weave poles - and have fun with it!   

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